My garden, my inspiration

Air-Pruning Plant Root Trainer – Garden Solar Home

I seriously love this type of air-pots sold here, they come in many sizes for individual needs. I happen to own 3 large ones. Since I only have a small garden, these air-pots enables me to plant trees healthily without needing to dig the ground.

To start with, the soil in my garden was terrible, full of clay and is not suitable for any plants to grow. I live in a country where there are mainly 2 seasons either heavy rainfall or dry, hot and humid. When I discovered this air-pot, my love for gardening took a positive turn. This air-pot enables good aeration and excellent drainage for the roots of my trees and maintain enough moisture during the dry season. Healthy roots increases the percentage of absorption of nutrients from the compost mix soil. Even my ANC earthworms are happy living in there.

While tending my garden, I realised we are not much different, in order to grow healthily, we too need a balance lifestyle, physical and spiritual. What we feed ourselves with, determines our health. If we consciously eat healthy, we have an overall better health, if we eat junk, we may put on weight, sugar level may increases, cholesterol and blood pressure may also spike etc… same with our Spirit and Soul. What we feed our inner being with, will determine how we look at the world today. If we keep focusing and eating from chaotic news circulating today, we would be a shipwreck in no time. I have learned to keep my focus on the Word of God and my garden has given me place of solace to “Be still and know He is God” and He is in control. The root system is the foundation of the plant and if the foundation is healthy, the plant will be healthy and bear good fruits. We too, need a stable and healthy foundation to grow, as for me, that foundation can be found in God. I do hope tending your own garden will bring you as much joy and peace as it has for me.