11/16/33 Tooth Manual Hand Steel Wire Saw


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11/16/33 Tooth Manual Hand Steel Wire Saw Survival Gadgets Hand Chainsaw Cutter Portable Travel Camping Emergency Wire Kits


  • Material: It is made of high-quality and high-strength ferromanganese, with good quality, sharp saw, small size, lightweight, easy to carry, and is a good tool for wild survival. Can saw wood, plastic, bone, rubber, soft metal, and other materials.
  • Camping Essentials: Chain saws, also known as pocket saws, are an important item in camping equipment and are made of high-quality, high-strength stretched ferromanganese. It has the characteristics of sharp and smooth serrations without hurting hands. Can be sawed in any direction.
  • How to Use: Hold the two handles with both hands, tighten the zipper saw body, and move the saw and forth briskly; wipe it clean after use and keep it dry.
  • Manual Chainsaw: This portable saw is easy to use and requires no electricity or fuel. It can only work with the help of its own power. Easy to transport and very reliable in its special case! Can be attached to the belt!
  • Practical Tool: It is easy to carry, does not hurt hands and clothes, and has a long service life. A must-have tool for any hike, adventure, and outing. It’s also great for cutting wood in the home and preparing it for winter!


  • Name: Outdoor Hand Chainsaw
  • Material: 65 manganese steel
  • Color: Orange/Black/Camouflage
  • Specifications: 11 Tooth/16 Tooth/33 Tooth
  • Weight: 140g/145g/150g
  • Size: Total length 103cm/40.55in, saw length 65cm/25.59in
  • Packing: Waterproof canvas bag + PE bag

Package includes:

  • 1 x Manual Chain Saw
  • 1 x Storage bag
  • Shipping to the USA: Flat $1 per product
  • Estimated lead time 14-21 days


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